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Weed Works, Inc. was started in 1990 by Bud and Marilyn Watts.


The company uses twigs, shrubs and wild grasses to create beautifully hand-crafted wreaths. Over 100 different types of products are used in a variety of wreaths. Material is harvested from not only local woods and farms, but from all over the country including parts of California, Washington and the New England states.

When Weed Works, Inc. first opened its doors in an old shed in Smyrna, Delaware, Bud and Marilyn would spend two days harvesting “weeds.” Then they would use a donated clinch-ring machine to shape the tangles of branches. On the weekends, they peddled the wreaths door-to-door to small local businesses in Delaware and Maryland.

The company grew rapidly. Over the years, the family has relocated their business as it grew — now permanently residing on Franklin Street in Swedesboro, New Jersey. The company markets its wreaths nationally to the wholesale floral industry.

Bud traveled across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, for years, to search for new sources of materials and check on cutting-crews.

Due to the unfortunate and sad passing of Bud in 2011, that job is now handled by Michael and Marilyn.

Some materials are harvested by a crew in northern New England states and other products come as far as Washington state. Harvesting season, usually runs from September to April, when there are no leaves on branches. 

Mike Watts is the company's sales manager, who's territory takes him from Massachusetts to Virginia.

Mike has also jumped into his fathers role of handling a lot of the outside cutting activities, that keep Weed Works running.

Weed Works, Inc is CELEBRATING OUR 28TH YEAR  in the wholesale floral industry, employs part-time and full-time employees to bend and twist branches on a wire base to create beautiful wreaths of all shapes and sizes, including swags, hearts and ovals. Using materials such as eucalyptus, sweet huckleberry, hog brush, wild blueberry, beech, and dark willow.  Top of the line hand-wrapped silks are a beautiful addition to some of the natural twigs and branches.

 Weed Works, Inc. makes a product to accommodate any customer’s request.

I encourage you to visit us in person at one of our trade shows to hear more about our company and see our products.


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